Zombie Catchers vs The Walking Zombie 2

Zombie Catchers vs The Walking Zombie 2

As we have seen in the past decade, zombie games’ popularity has dramatically increased. The actual reason for their popularity is they have exciting gameplay, and they can make you scared within a second. Today we will look for a comparison between zombie catchers vs the walking zombie 2. Both games have the same theme but have different gameplay.

To assist you in choosing which game is more worthwhile for your time and energy, we will outline the differences between these two games in this article.

The Comparison of Stories

Zombie Catchers

There are two main characters in the game named AJ and Budd, who are looking to start their own food business. Their mission is to secure the world from an undead zombie. They use zombies to create delicious food and juices. The game consists of various locations and boss zombies.

Each zombie has different types of characteristics. You can utilize different types of weapons to catch those zombies. Additionally, those weapons can also be upgraded. Playing this game will give you a fascinating and real-life experience.

zombie catchers vs the walking zombie

The Walking Zombie 2

Zombies have dominated the whole world. There are very few people left in the world. This is the environment in which the main character of the game was born. He needs to fight those zombies to secure the world. Zombies are everywhere. Your natural enemies are those zombies; you have to kill them using a variety of weapons and grenades.

As you progress through the game by accomplishing different quests and challenges, you will become more robust and have more advanced weapons. Moreover, you can also hire different people in your crew to fight zombies.

zombie catchers vs the walking zombie

Zombie Catchers VS The Walking Zombie 2 Features

FeaturesZombie CatchersThe Walking Zombie 2
DeveloperDeca GamesAida Games
GenreAction, AdventureAction
PlatformsAndroid, iOSAndroid, iOS
Release Date20162019
Latest Version1.
In-app PurchasesYesYes
User Rating4.44.5
GraphicsCartoony, 2DModern polygon graphics
StorylineLighthearted and comedicSerious and intensive
Mod Features AvailableYesYes

Mod Features of Zombie Catchers

Unlimited Money

In the mod version, you will get unlimited money. You can use this money to buy different weapons. You will be able to catch zombies easily with these weapons.

Unlocking the Drone Army

To unlock the drone army, you have to complete different tasks. However, in the mod version, you will already have an unlocked drone army that helps you catch zombies.

No Ads

Ads are the most hated thing by any gamer. With the help of the mod version of zombie catchers, you will not face any ads.

Unlock Funny Quests and Challenges

To increase their level, players have to accomplish different quests and challenges. However, in the mod version, you will already have to unlock quests and challenges that help you to rank high in the game.

Mod Features of The Walking Zombie 2

Unlimited Money

This implies that you will have an unending amount of money. You can use this money to purchase several different products or improvements without worrying about being short of cash.

Unlimited Ammo

This feature gives you an endless supply of bullets for your guns. You don’t have to worry about running out of ammo to keep shooting.

Unlocked All Guns

Using this feature, all of the game’s weapons will be unlocked. There are no stages or goals that you must accomplish to unlock and use any weapons.

Free Shopping

This implies you don’t need real money to purchase anything in the game. Utilize virtual cash to buy other things.

Ads Free Mod

Due to this feature in the modified version, you won’t be disturbed by any advertising while playing the game.


With this feature, the UI and controls of the game will be simple to understand and navigate.

Unlimited Gas

Gas is the most important resource in this game. Whenever you have to travel to an unfamiliar location, you need gas. By using the mod version of walking zombie 2, you will have unlimited gas.

Comparison of Mod Features

FeaturesZombie CatchersDead Trigger 2
Unlimited MoneyYesYes
Unlimited plutoniumYesNo
No adsYesYes
Unlimited resourcesYesNo
Unlimited goldNoYes
Unlimited ammoNoYes
God modeNoNo
No ReloadNoNo

Pros and Cons of Zombie Catchers


  • This zombie-themed game has an innovative concept.
  • Different quests and challenges make the game engaging.
  • Excellent graphics make the game fascinating


  • Players feel that the game has repetitive gameplay.
  • The game has limited content which makes the game boring.
  • In-app purchases to advance in the game.

Pros and Cons Of The Walking Zombie 2


  • The game has a compelling storyline.
  • Players have a wide range of weapons to use.
  • The control system is easy to use.


  • Some glitches occur during the game.
  • The game requires some in-app purchases to progress.

Last Words

Fans of the zombie genre will find two distinct and interesting experiences in Zombie Catchers and The Walking Zombie 2. With nice graphics and straightforward controls, Zombie Catchers provides a humorous and enjoyable approach to zombie capture.

On the other hand, The Walking Zombie 2 delivers a more melancholy and action-packed experience, along with a solid storyline and a variety of firearms. The decision ultimately comes down to the preferences of a particular player because both games have advantages and disadvantages.

In the end, fans of zombie games are likely to appreciate both games and can select one based on their mood or preferred gaming experience.


Both games have a good storyline, but Walking Zombie 2 has a more developed storyline.

Yes, you can play both games in offline mode.

Both games have exemplary graphics, but Zombie Catchers has some realistic and immersive graphics.

When it comes to challenges, the walking zombie 2 has more challenges.

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