Zombie Catchers MOD APK v1.31.2 Unlimited Money and Plutonium

Zombie Catchers Apk

Zombie catchers mod apk
Name Zombie Catchers
Play Store link Google Play
Category Action
Size 80.07MB
Version 1.31.2
Price Free
Mod Features Unlimited Money

Are you tired of playing old zombie games? It’s time to play zombie catchers mod APK. In this game, there are two alien friends named A.J. and Bud playing their roles. It is a dream of these friendly aliens to have a juice shop on the entire planet Earth. They got the idea to capture different zombies and use them as zombie ingredients to create delicious new recipes and juices. Both of them sold his juice for a solid profit. Their entrepreneurial spirit is not unlike downloading a ‘truecaller mod apk‘ – always seeking to enhance and customize the user experience.

The players in this game have to pass through two different phases. In 1996 zombie games gained popularity after resident evil and survival horror were released. The first phase is catching interesting zombies, and the second is producing drinks. Both steps are interconnected with each other.

 You have to use different equipment to perform both jobs. Every absolute portable gameplay has its excitement. Moreover, the amount of money you earn will be utilized to unlock exciting other types of weapons like electric guns and bombs. As a result of reading this article, fighting unique zombies will be a piece of cake for you.


The traditional gameplay of Zombie Catchers is similar to that of ultimate zombie catching adventures. There are different new territories in this game, and a specific series of zombie bosses has been allotted to each location that you must catch.

You can utilize a harpoon gun and sneaky traps to catch zombies to get rid of the
zombie invasion who have unique powers. After catching them, you can create delicious juice whenever your level increases. Different weapons, traps, guns, nets, and jetpacks will be unlocked for you, which will help you defeat all the zombies. Every zombie in this game has its own characteristics, so you must use the right weapon to capture the zombie.

Each zombie will create a different ingredient, which will help in developing delicious, candies, and cuisines. You can sell these products to your hungry customers to build a successful zombie catching business to deliver maximum profit. The gameplay will give you a real-life experience and helps you to do new experiments, and you will never feel that you are playing a virtual game. 

So start playing the game right now and save the world from a zombie crisis. Just remember, when it comes to this game, it’s a case of now or never, so don’t be caught dead without it.

Features of Zombie Catchers

Traps to Catch Zombies

You can place traps in the zombie catchers mod APK to catch zombies. The zombie trap can be set up on flat ground. Its snap-loaded jaw will close whenever a zombie walks over it. The main advantage of using traps is that you can catch a lot of zombies at once. There are a few occasions when new species of zombies jump over, but they are primarily trapped in it.

Produce Food

Your objective in this game is not only to capture zombies. After catching the zombies, you can convert them into delicious drinks, candies, and sweets. We must remember that the more zombies we catch, the more food we produce, and it helps us earn more profit.

Build your Food Empire

After catching the zombies and converting them into different foods, you can build your own food business empire in the zombie catchers mod APK. Opening additional restaurants will help you to increase your profit, and you will be able to attract new customers. Moreover, you can upgrade your equipment which helps you to increase efficiency.

Unlock Rewards

Various types of weapons will unlock new rewards after achieving exciting rank systems. Here are the weapons and awesome rewards that you can unlock:

  • The harpoon level 2 gun will unlock at level 17.
  • The zombie trap will unlock at level 23.
  • Tesla trap will unlock at level 49.
  • The freezer gun will unlock at level 69.

You can upgrade these weapons with the use of plutonium and coins. Moreover, you can also get different types of exclusive costumes at higher ranks for your character after completing new milestone.

Advanced Weapons to Fight Zombies

There are a lot of advanced weapons in the zombie catchers mod APK that you can utilize to fight zombies. All the weapons have different types of ranges. The objective is to aim and shoot those undead zombies using these advanced weapons. You are mistaken if you think the game is about fighting and catching zombies.

To create better gaming, the developers of this game have created a secret underground lab where players can conduct research and develop advanced options and weapons to make things easier. Even better, you may extend your lab to use the most cutting-edge technologies. Now relax and use the most potent weapon, the harpoon, to hunt the zombies.

Play Online and Offline Mode

The Zombie Catchers Hunt & Sell can be played offline or online. If you don’t have internet access, you can play in offline mode and then switch to online mode when you get an internet connection.

To be a Zombie Hunter

You will become a zombie hunter in the zombie catchers mod APK. You have to use different tactics to catch zombies. Moreover, you have to target those zombies who are running toward you. So get ready to play this zombie-themed game.

Own your Army of Drones

In the zombie catchers mod APK, players can use their army of drones. Players must use drones instead of traveling individually to grow their food business. It helps them to stay away from minor tasks.

Explore Different Locations


The Swamp is the first map in the game, and you will face six types of zombies. The first 5 zombies will have the same characteristics, but the sixth one will be the special boss zombie. You will face very few difficulties on this map.

Zombie Catchers Mod Apk

The Beach

The beach is the second most challenging location in Zombie Catchers Mod Apk. There are two creatures in this game. The first one is seagulls, and the second one is crabs. The crabs can move on the ground, and seagulls can fly in the air.

Zombie Catchers Mod Apk


Snow is the third location we can explore in Zombie Catchers Mod Apk. There are two main creatures on this map. The wolves are on the ground, and the owls are in the air. The wolves can hit you whenever they see you, and you will be stunned for 2 to 4 seconds after hitting. Snow is inaccessible, like Swamp. There are some zombies you will face if you have hidden skills.

zombie catchers mod apk


The fourth location we will explore is Zombie Catchers Mod Apk. You will see it is a different location than others because you need a jetpack model 2. The pits in this location are massive, and you must use an upgraded jetpack to get them.

Zombie catchers mod apk

The Lagoon

The Lagoon is the fifth and last location in Zombie Catchers Mod Apk. This location is similar to Swamp. The uniqueness of this location is that you can run around on the ground and in the sea to catch zombies. You will also explore jellyfish and sharks in Lagoon.

zombie catchers mod apk

Features of Zombie Catchers Mod Apk


Unlimited Money

With this zombie catcher mod APK, you will have access to unlimited plutonium and money. You have to use this mod money efficiently because, in the end, this money will allow you to acquire new advanced weapons, traps, routes, and many more things completely free. These are the exciting new hunting gadgets that will allow you to catch zombies. 
Moreover, you can also get advanced cooking equipment. These pieces of equipment will help you to make better juices and foods. This helps you attract new customers, increasing your profits.


Unlocked Drone Army

In zombie catchers, you must complete many small tasks to unlock the drone army. The zombie catchers mod apk provides unlimited everything. Furthermore, you will already have an unlocked drone army that helps you capture zombies without setting traps or using your brains


Unlocked Funny Quests and Challenges

You have to play a lot of awesome quests and challenges in zombie catchers to increase your level. In this zombies catchers level 100 download mod APK, all the quests, challenges, and levels are already unlocked so that you will easily rank higher. Players achieve level 100 once in a blue moon.


No Ads in Zombie Catchers Mod Apk

A gamer’s most annoying experience is seeing advertisements during a game. In this zombie catchers mod apk, no ads will be shown during the game. It will increase your gaming experience, and you will play the game without being distracted by anything else.

Visual and Sound Quality


People who like to play adventure games will enjoy zombie catchers. This game has a lot of funny zombies and characters who give so much fun vibes. The visual experience of zombie catchers and the smoothness of in-game physics take the graphic quality to the next level.


Zombie Catcher’s in-game sounds are straightforward and exciting. The soundtracks are fascinating, and you will feel a very interactive experience while playing this game for hours. For better graphics and sound quality, you have to use mobile phones with high Specifications. You can check our list of best mobile phones for zombie catchers.

Secret Tips for Catching Zombies in Zombie Catchers Mod Apk

  • When using the brain as bait, you should find the nearest hiding place. Because undead zombies are very shy. They will run away without touching your brain whenever they see you, and you will lose the opportunity.
  • Zombies will never come out if you are close to their place of appearance. You must move a specific distance if you do not see any objection to hiding.
  •  In this zombie catchers package, every zombie has a unique personality. We require different weapons to catch zombies. Secondary weapons have a high reload time and a limited range of shots. We have to use weapons with significant damage and quick reload times. You have to save your shots unless the monster’s zombies create trouble for you.
  • You have to improve the range of your weapons. Your weapon’s range will help you catch escaped zombies significantly.
  • Never use plutonium to upgrade the only harpoon gun. You have to use it to upgrade secondary weapons.
  • Many monsters in the zombie catchers mod APK will have different things in their hands. They will try to hit you, so you are stunned for a few seconds. You can save yourself from these things by jumping.


  • The game leaves a lasting impression.
  • The graphic quality is very realistic.
  • The game will improve your strategic planning


  • Hunting zombies is difficult because they are difficult to find.
  • You have to learn how to catch zombies.

How to Download Zombie Catchers Mod Apk

The APK installation process for “Zombie Catchers” is simple and straightforward, allowing players to start catching zombies in no time.

  • First, you must download the zombie catchers mod APK file by clicking on the above faster download links from the best mod downloader.
  • Now, you can install this file on your Android mobile phone.
  • After opening the game, you have to play the tutorial.
  • You can see unlimited plutonium and coins on the right side of the screen. Now you can enjoy this epic mobile title.
zombie catcher mod apk

Zombie Catchers Old Version

Here are all the old versions of zombie catchers mod apk released so far.

Zombie Catchers mod APK v1.31.0
Zombie Catchers mod APK v1.30.30
Zombie Catchers mod APK v1.30.26
Zombie Catchers mod APK v1.30.25
Zombie Catchers mod APK v1.30.24
Zombie Catchers mod APK v1.30.23
Zombie Catchers mod APK v1.30.21
Zombie Catchers mod APK v1.30.19
Zombie Catchers mod APK v1.30.17
Zombie Catchers mod APK v1.30.16
Zombie Catchers mod APK v1.30.15
Zombie Catchers mod APK v1.30.14
Zombie Catchers mod APK v1.30.13
Zombie Catchers mod APK v1.30.12
Zombie Catchers mod APK v1.30.11
Zombie Catchers mod APK v1.30.10
Zombie Catchers mod APK v1.30.9
Zombie Catchers mod APK v1.30.8
Zombie Catchers mod APK v1.30.7
Zombie Catchers mod APK v1.30.5
Zombie Catchers mod APK v1.25.1
Zombie Catchers mod APK v1.24.0
Zombie Catchers mod APK v1.0.28
Zombie Catchers mod APK v1.0.27
Zombie Catchers mod APK v1.0.22
Zombie Catchers mod APK v1.0.21
Zombie Catchers mod APK v1.0.20
Zombie Catchers mod APK v1.0.18
Zombie Catchers mod APK v1.0.14

Last Words

The zombie catchers mod APK has become a popular game for Android devices user. It is a different game that offers players a variety of levels. Although the gameplay is straightforward made by Deca Games and quick to pick up, it might be challenging to keep you interested. This is because there are more stages to complete that require skill and strategy. 

You would think you were playing an actual game since the graphics are realistic and believable. Don’t let the opportunity slip through your fingers and download this mod version of zombie catchers to get unlimited coins, unlock the drone army, and many unlocked funny quests and challenges. We hope that you got all the mod info.


You can get some extra features in this modified version of zombie catchers. Those extra features are unlimited money, an unlocked drone army, and many different quests and challenges

You can download the zombie catchers mod apk by clicking on the download link above

The answer is yes. It is 100 percent secure. Various users tested this modified version of zombie catchers before uploading it. So you don’t need to worry about safety.

Before installing Zombie Catchers mod Apk, you have to uninstall the real version of zombie catchers because there is a conflict between both versions. The second reason is that you must allow unknown resources on your phone to install this mod apk.