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Zombie Catchers for iOS Unlimited Money and Plutonium

Hurry up! Zombies are lurking around. So hold your weapons to attack those AI consumers Zombies before they defeat you. Zombie Catcher is an open-source game available for all your IOS devices, you just need to sign up for unlimited Plutonium resources and gain unlimited Coins.

About Zombie Catchers for iOS 

App nameZombie Catchers
FeaturesUnlimited Coins & Unlimited Plutonium
Need Root/Jailbreak?No

Game Play

The game takes place on Planet Earth where two businessmen Bud and A.J. planned to open their shop but Earth is full of creepy creatures known as Zombies. These undead zombies are hard to defeat but they decide to get rid of them so they can run their business now the aim is to save the planet and make it a place to live in.

This game is designed to make your Adventurous wishes come true. Zombie Catchers for IOS will take you to a dreaded world of crawling zombies all around and you will be a hero with harpoon guns to catch those zombies.

Features of Zombie Catchers for iOS

Catching the Zombies

There are different quests within the game the main aim is to catch the zombies but that has to be done by using many objects. The objects that can be used to finish the quest can be guns, jet packs, or nets.
The zombies can be attacked by using the harpoon guns once they are gunned down they are taken into a secret underground laboratory. These many different types of traps and gadgets can be used to hunt them and capture the zombies.

Establishing Your Business

Both bud and A.J. Are business partners who came to Earth to start up their food business so after capturing the zombies can be assigned to the preparation of different candies and juices. At the same time, customers will be served different recipes.
 By the new up gradation in production line serving time can be reduced and more money will be earned. So it’s not only about capturing zombies but also establishing your business side by side.

Finding Zombies

Catching a dreaded zombie would be more delightful as many new territories will be discovered as you progress in the game this map has unlimited new locations which have a unique type of zombie. You will have your collection of Zombies that you will be able to assign to your food business.
In addition to that, the player will have an army of drones, for assisting in finding zombies with special characteristics. You can seek and capture the zombies through your flying ship with the help of a harpoon gun.

 Advancing levels

We know making progress is a great motive to move on in a game so we have set different hunting tanks for you. You will move to the next rank by completing the previous in Zombies Catchers for IOS. You will receive rewards for moving forward in the form of coins and customers of your character. Furthermore, moving to the next level will let you increase the size and upgrade your underground laboratory as well.
 You may also get a chance to win unlimited diamonds in our daily challenges quests. Many fun-filled exciting challenges carry great rewards. Zombie Catchers for IOS can be played offline even if are not connected to the internet. This makes your zombies catching adventure go on at any time of the day without any hurdles.

Design of the Game

Though Zombie Catchers for IOS is an adventure-filled game its graphics are kept animated. The zombies are quite cute than scary as we made this game kid friendly. As the character the, graphics of the game are also adorable. They seem to be drawn by a teenager. All the characters have a doodled outlook which makes it super cute and cheery the cake is the food items which are extremely delicious recipes. Zombies will make the cutest dishes for serving your customers they will amuse to look at.
Zombie Catchers for IOS also has zombies as food items for example a cupcakes zombie. By progressing in your game, you can convert the cupcake zombie into Raspberry nut cake. Each Zombie will carry a card that will explain their name and characteristics so you can simply open any zombie’s card to see them. One zombie looks like slushy juice by checking its characteristics you will get to know that it is made up of battery acid and blueberries combination.

Zombie Juice

Another exciting thing about Zombie Catchers for IOS is the process of making juice out of zombies. As Bud and A.J. have their food business they will sell juices zombies to their customers coming to shop. The brand will also progress as you move on in the game. Fresh and Squeezed juices of zombies with a vast variety are available for the customers.
The animated spaceships in the game are also added to the game to make them look like classic cartoon characters. The Gameplay of converting your zombies into food items and squeezing them into juices is exciting and fun-filled. The kids and adults are going to love them for sure.

Controls of the game

Two business partners in Zombie Catchers for IOS are coming together where one partner Bud is a robot and the other partner A.J. Is an alien both of them have come onto planet Earth where human beings live. Earth Is now a very futuristic planet where humans don’t mind That business is run by an alien and a robot. On your screen control buttons are provided so you can move left, right, and jump.
You will also find a button to fire your harpoon gun and set different traps for zombies or to drop a lure from a flying ship. You will also build your strategy on how you like to move in the game. Simple clicks can be used to assign duties and run your business in the game.

Catching Lurking Zombies

Zombies are hiding in their hideouts so if you want to bring them out you need to sprinkle brains on them. The smell of brain and soil quickly being out zombies out of their hideouts. As the zombies will lure you out you will have to quickly respond with your harpoon guns otherwise you will lose your game and they will attack you as they are harmful in nature as well as armed.

You can use jet packs to aid in moving from one place to another and you will also have to upgrade your weapons as the zombies will get stronger on different levels in Zombies Catchers for IOS. For catching zombies you have the option to use nets and tranquilizers as per your plan

Download Zombie Catchers for iOS iPhone 

If you want to modify zombie catchers for iOS then this video will be very helpful for you. We suggest that these are the most effective steps that you can follow to get God mode, All levels unlocked, Unlimited Plutonium, and money. Watch the video below.

Last words on Zombie Catchers for iOS 

This game has fun packed exciting stages the name Zombie catchers for IOS might make you believe that you only have to catch and defeat the zombies but it’s not only that. You will love to play the game as you will have to build your plan and establish a whole business through this game. This game is suitable for kids and teenagers too which will teach them a lesson of progression through steps.

Upgrades and updates in-game are continuously required to make progress in-game. You will need the right amount of zombies for making juices and also zombies for running your business for you need to level up and unlock more things. You will surely enjoy this exciting adventurous game with unlimited stages where you will never get bored. To learn more about Zombie Catchers you can read our Zombie Catchers review.


Yes, the Zombie Catchers game is available on the App Store. It requires iOS 10.0 or later to play this game

You can download both the Apk and iOS versions from theZombieApk. In addition, you will get the latest updates and older versions of Zombie Catchers.

There are sometimes bugs in the game. The most common cause is an old update on your mobile device. Always be sure to have the latest update of zombie catchers on your mobile.

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