Zombie Catchers V/S Plants V/S Zombies

Zombie games are no surprise for today’s gamers. Hunting these half-dead creatures gives you a 101% thrill experience, and you may have heard about names such as Zombie Catchers and Plants V/S Zombies.

Both games provide a fascinating zombie-hunting experience. But the talk of the town provides a more satisfying experience. Make sure to read till the end to save time searching for a better game.

Gameplay Comparison

Game Play is the most important consideration when picking the best game. Now consider how both games are played.

Zombie Catchers

Zombie Catchers has thrilling gameplay. You can capture zombies using a variety of weapons used to make tasty juices. Later, you earn money by selling them to customers.

In this game, each zombie has unique traits that produce various substances. It has a variety of boss zombies that unlock new areas.


Plants Vs Zombies

Your only defense against zombie invasion is your plant collection! You’ll need to act quickly and plant to combat different zombie varieties. You’ll be armed with alien plants including cherry bombs and peashooters to kill zombies.

Zombie Catchers V/S Plants V/S Zombies

Specifications of Both Games

Deca developed Zombie Catchers with a focus on the Action, Adventure genre. The MOD version can be played with unlimited resources. It has an 80.07 MB app size and can be played without ads with unlimited resources. The user rating is 4.5+.

Developed by Electronic Arts, Plants Vs Zombies falls under the action and strategy genre. The MOD version comes with an app size of 97.5 MB with limited resources and ad restrictions. The user rating is 4+.

SpecificationsZombie CatchersPlants Vs Zombies
Developer NameDeca GamesElectronic Arts
GenreAction, AdventureAction, Strategy
Platforms Android, iOSAndroid, iOS
Game Release DateOctober 30, 2014May 5, 2009
Latest Version1.
App Size80.07 MB97.5M
In-app PurchasesYesYes
Total User Rating4.5 (Android), 4.7 (iOS)4.5 (Android), 4.6 (iOS)
GraphicsCartoony, 2D3D
SoundEccentric and EntertainingMoaning, Grumbling
Storylinepleasant and hilariousProtective
Mod Features AvailableYesYes

Mod Features Comparison

FeaturesZombie CatchersPlants Vs Zombies
Unlimited MoneyYesYes
Unlimited plutoniumYesNo
No adsYesYes
Unlimited resourcesYesNo
Unlimited goldNoYes
Infinite ammoNoNo
God modeNoNo
No ReloadNoNo

Pros and Cons of Zombie Catchers


  • Creating zombie juices as a food business is an original idea.
  • You can upgrade your hunting weaponry.
  • Zombie bosses add variety.


  • Few game characters to play with.
  • Annoying push notifications to players
  • The game has unbalanced difficulty.

Pros and Cons of Plants Vs Zombies


  • The game’s graphics are captivating.
  • Regularly updated to remove app bugs.
  • Numerous boss levels throughout the game.


  • The same theme is throughout the game.
  • Slow game speed.
  • The game is not very challenging.

Last Words

In the comparison of Zombie Catchers V/S Plants V/S Zombies, we can say that both games have unique characteristics. While Zombie Catchers provides enjoyable gameplay, Plants V/S Zombies, on the other hand, offers strategic gameplay.

Everything now rests on your requirements for the type of gaming you want to do. However, Zombies Catchers is the game to play if you want something fun yet challenging.


Yes, we can play Plants V/S Zombies and Zombie Catchers offline.

Plants V/S Zombies is more difficult, but as you go through the levels, zombie catchers also get harder

Yes, both games are free to download and play, but we can buy certain in-app items to upgrade the tools used in both games.

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