zombie catchers vs Zombie tsunami

Zombie Catchers vs Zombie Tsunami

For today’s gamers, zombie games are nothing new. You may have heard of games like Zombie Catchers and Zombie Tsunami for epic excitement in pursuing half-dead people. So, read ahead to discover the battle winner between Zombie Catchers vs Zombie Tsunami.

Both games offer a fantastic zombie-hunting experience. The point is, however, which one offers a more enjoyable experience? Despite the fact that there are numerous games available in this genre, finding a fun and quality game has become more difficult.

Gameplay Comparison

The most crucial factor to consider while choosing the best game possible is gameplay. Now think about the guidelines for both games.

Zombie Catchers

Zombie Catchers’ engaging gameplay is something you won’t miss. Many tools can be used to make yummy juices by squeezing these zombies. Later, you can sell them to consumers and make money.

Also, each zombie in this game has distinct characteristics that produce unique juices. It has a range of boss zombies to beat to progress further.


Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami revolves around an endless zombie runner theme. Here you are in charge of a wave of zombies that change size in response to the number of victims bitten.

You’ll encounter lone individuals that are easy prey during the run. You’ll also encounter obstacles like vehicles requiring several zombie waves to pass them.

Zombie Catchers vs Zombie Tsunami

Comparison: Zombie Catchers vs Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Catchers: It is a game developed for the action and adventure genre by Deca Games. Its M.O.D. version has unlimited resources. The app is 80.07 MB and can be played without ads with numerous resources. The user rating is 4.5+.

Zombie Tsunami: Developed by Mobigame S.A.R.L, it comes under the action and runner genre. It comes with a size of 71 M.B. with few resources and no advertisements. The user rating is 4.5.

SpecificationsZombie CatchersZombie Tsunami
Developer NameDeca GamesMobigame S.A.R.L.
GenreAction, AdventureAction, Strategy
Platforms Android, iOSAndroid, iOS
Game Release DateOctober 30, 2014May 31, 2012
Latest Version1.
App Size80.07 MB73.3MB
In-app PurchasesYesYes
Total User Rating4.5 (Android), 4.7 (iOS)4.4 (Android), 4.6 (iOS)
GraphicsCartoony, 2D3D style
SoundEccentric and Entertainingintuitive, Catchy
Storylinepleasant and hilariousDefending
Mod Features AvailableYesYes

Mod Features Comparison

FeaturesZombie CatchersPlants Vs Zombies
Unlimited MoneyYesYes
Unlimited plutoniumYesNo
No adsYesYes
Unlimited resourcesYesNo
Unlimited BirdsNoYes
Infinite ammoNoNo
God modeNoNo
No ReloadNoNo

Pros and Cons of Zombie Catchers


  • Making and selling juices is creative.
  • Weapons can be upgraded during the game.
  • Zombie bosses offer thrilling gaming experiences.


  • Limited levels to play.
  • Not having enough characters.
  • Character development is limited.

Pros and Cons of Zombie Tsunami


  • The graphics are engaging.
  • Watching ads gives a bonus reward.
  • Different missions add variety to this endless running game.


  • Monotonous theme.
  • Few bug issues.
  • Gameplay glitches.

Last Words

Each game has its own features. While Zombie Catchers provides entertaining gameplay, Zombie Tsunami provides endless runner gaming.

Everything now depends on your preferences for gaming. However, if you want thrills, Zombies Catchers wins the battle between Zombie Catchers vs Zombie Tsunami.


Yes, we can play both Zombie Tsunami and Zombie Catchers offline

Zombie Tsunami is challenging, but Zombie Catchers is more intriguing.

Both games are free to access. Players can make in-app purchases to upgrade their features.

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