Zombie catchers vs dead trigger 2

Zombie Catchers vs Dead Trigger 2

In today’s world, zombie games get a lot of attention from gamers. The primary reason for this attention is the adventure and excitement we have seen in zombie games. If you are into zombie games and want something new, look no further than Zombie Catchers and Dead Trigger 2.

In recent updates, both games have improved a lot of features and provide an easy user experience. Both games have some unique gameplay and are going to be popular among gamers. But from both games Zombie Catchers vs Dead Trigger 2 which one is better? Let’s have a clear look at this.

Gameplay Comparison

The most significant factor in selecting the most suitable game is Game Play. Now, look at the gameplay of both games.

Zombie Catchers

The gameplay of zombie catchers is very exciting. You can utilize different weapons to catch zombies. You can use those zombies to create delicious juices. After that, you can sell those juices to clients to earn revenue.

Each zombie in this game has different characteristics and creates different ingredients. You can explore various locations in this game with various boss zombies.

zombie catchers vs dead trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2

The game starts with a fascinating story when the world suffers from a deadly virus. The people of earth were converted into zombies by this virus. There is very little hope left for the people. It’s an FPS game; you can use different weapons to kill zombies.

The safest weapon to kill zombies is a gun because you can kill zombies from some distance. You can also change your bullets from nearby supplies.

zombie catchers vs dead trigger 2

Specifications of Both Games

SpecificationsZombie CatchersDead Trigger 2
Developer NameDeca GamesMadfingers Games
GenreAction, AdventureAction, FPS Shooting
Platforms Android, iOSAndroid, iOS
Game Release DateOctober 30, 2014October 23, 2013
Latest Version1.
App Size80.07 MB526 MB
In-app PurchasesYesYes
Total User Rating4.5 (Android), 4.7 (iOS)4.5 (Android), 4.6 (iOS)
GraphicsCartoony, 2DRealistic, 3D
SoundEccentric and EntertainingPowerful and Captivating
Storylinepleasant and hilariousked
Mod Features AvailableYesYes

Mod Features Comparison

FeaturesZombie CatchersDead Trigger 2
Unlimited MoneyYesYes
Unlimited plutoniumYesNo
No adsYesNo
Unlimited resourcesYesNo
Unlimited goldNoYes
Infinite ammoNoYes
God modeNoYes
No ReloadNoYes

Pros and Cons of Zombie Catchers


  • A truly innovative concept of establishing a food business by making zombie juices.
  • You can upgrade your weapons throughout the game.
  • Various zombie bosses make the gameplay interesting.


  • Limited characters in the Game.
  • Limited character development in the game.
  • Do not have too many levels.

Pros and Cons of Dead Trigger 2


  • The game has fascinating graphics.
  • Updated continuously to remove bugs.
  • The game has a variety of boss zombies.


  • The game does not offer enough exploration.
  • Gamers need in-app purchases to go further.
  • The difficulty of the game is unbalanced.

Last Words on Zombie Catchers vs Dead Trigger 2

In conclusion, we can say that both games have distinct features and have their pros and cons. Zombie Catchers has fun gameplay but lacks character development. On the other hand, Dead Trigger 2 has intensive gameplay but lacks in-game exploration.

Now it all depends on you. If you want some fun, you must go for zombie catchers, but if you want to enjoy serious and intensive gameplay, you can go for Dead Trigger 2. If you would like to explore further articles comparing zombie games, you may read the Zombie Catchers vs. The Walking Dead 2 article.


Yes, we can play zombie catchers and dead trigger 2 offline.

The Dead Trigger 2 is more challenging, but the difficulty of zombie catchers also increases when you reach a high level.

Yes, both games are free to play, and we can also be able to make some in-app purchases to upgrade weapons.s

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